Automate your sales, grow your remote team and work from anywhere.

Nomadic Entrepreneur

Automation has been at the heart of my work as I travel and work for, or build, startups. I currently run LiveWorkAnywhere and FullStackRemote. I give advice on running and scaling remote teams, automating lead generation and sales for startups, and how to create systems that allow you to live and work from anywhere.


Three of my favorite subjects – hiring and scaling a remote team, automating your sales / lead gen outreach, and general life hacks to help you live and work from anywhere.

Sales on autopilot. Automate your b2b sales outreach to get back your time.

Focus on your core competencies so you can grow without thinking about the sales process.

Grow more quickly with a fully managed remote team.

The best way to scale your outreach efforts is by hiring a remote team. See how to recruit, vet, and hire at all skills levels – and how to effectively manage a remote team.