An International Experience

An International Experience  Live Work Anywhere

I’ve spoken more German “going international” in Hungary than I think I have in my entire life, including visits to Germany and in German class. Who could have guessed I’d be here?

Hungary has a lot of visitors from Germany. While I’m not Hungarian, I am having so much fun with these people. I’m learning Hungarian words, and if we can’t speak in English, often times someone will speak German. My German is also improving and I’m having a blast.

This week it’s been a mix of Spanish, German, English, Hungarian, and… Euskara (Basque country language)! I pop out my iPhone and ask someone to write the word down in my notepad. Little by little I’m building my own Hungarian phrasebook! So many words here however to describe similar concepts. And, if you say ‘How do you say ___ in Hungarian’ nobody seems to understand. I have to say, for example ‘Spaghetti in English = ___ in Hungarian?’ and that seems to work, I must figure out how/why the first one doesn’t work.

Truly international, all of it. I’m learning so much, and enjoying every minute of it. Someday I hope to be like my grandfather and learn to speak several languages fluently. It’s all about being here amidst the culture. That’s the way to learn how things are said in context and not just from a book. Going international shows why people think/act how they do. It’s so much more interesting than learning from afar. No question about it.

How many languages to you speak?