Shrimp from a truck, here I come ceviche!

I’ve been having a great time here. It’s more expensive than Nicaragua, but I feel safer and like I’m not getting ripped off every time I cough. The waves are great, the ocean is really salty and the beach sand is black, but watching the sunset over my right shoulder, the full moon on the left, and body surfing after the long drive yesterday made me smile, a fuller and more sincere smile than I’ve had in a while. Loving life right now.

I just bought a couple pounds of shrimp for about $5 bucks and tonight I’m planning to cook up a ceviche and maybe some tortilla espanola for a group of peeps.

I’ll post pictures soon, I promise. But right now I’m headed out to rent either a boogie board or surf board for the day. Already sitting here sweating in this cafe, time to be out in the middle of it all.


UPDATE 4/29/09: I just learned the reason why ceviche is supposed to sit for 5 hours is because the juices from the limes ‘cook’ the raw shrimp. I cooked the shrimp and added them to the ceviche. 1/2 hour seemed fine to me!